Plethora Solutions

International PE Market

PE is possibly the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, affecting more men than erectile dysfunction. Epidemiological studies indicate that the prevalence of PE is between 18-30% of men. One-in-four men (25%) are estimated as suffering from PE.


Prior to PDE5 inhibitors such as Pfizer's Viagra®, Bayer's Levitra® and Eli Lilly's Cialis®, the true size of the erectile dysfunction market was not known.

The potential market in Europe:

  • EU (G5): UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain = 101 million men 20-69 years old
  • 25% prevalence = 26 million men suffering from PE
  • Using estimated 5% market share = 1.3 million men
  • Phase III studies show couples have intercourse approx. once a week
  • Fortacin™ could = 60 million+ doses per annum.